Monday, May 25, 2009

Night's of Blood 2: Lazuli by Christine Rains

Book Info:
Genre: Horror/Vampire
Publisher: 23 House Publishing
ISBN-10: 0980185041
ISBN-13: 978-0980185041
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Carys is a gorgeous, age old vampire who performs burlesque in the nightclub Lazuli. She dances for the money to live in obscurity, for the thrill of performance, and for the surge of applause. With skin that glimmers like silver dust, she is a sought after performer that outshines the other women and has crafted a successful career. But life isn’t easy for Carys. She is torn between her life in the city and the reclusive mansion where her love awaits. Ultimately, she is forced to make a decision between the lights and glory of the city and the age old love that stirs restlessly in the shadows. His heart cannot wait any longer.

Lazuli is a romantic vampire tale centered around an epic love that has lasted centuries.
Both characters are very real in their desires and needs. Carys’s restless urge for the city is poignantly felt when faced with ages of seclusion and isolation. Offryd’s disdain for the “new world” is equally understandable. They are antiques from the past that can only truly be understood by one another. It is a grand, romantic idea spun out in a wonderful tale to read!

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