Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Faerie Conspiracies by Holly Stacey

Book Info:
Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult
Publisher: Wyvern Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9560363-0-8
To Purchase: Wyvern Publications

Beth appears to be a normal teenager struggling through the trials of school and a one parent household. Her father mysteriously vanished and never returned. After months of silence, Beth receives a package from her missing father, dated back to the exact day that he disappeared. It contains curious writings and a stone said to ward away faeries. This package only leads her to more questions and a great adventure.

The Faerie Conspiracies is a cleverly written book perfect for children and adults alike. The magic appears in hints and glimpses and is never overused like other magical children’s tales. Beth has a sparkling personality that is feisty and independent, but also endearing. I found myself silently cheering for her as the book progressed. Her fate is inevitably tied to a cute boy at her school, adding more tension and spice to the plot. Their relationship develops nicely from antagonistic rivals into a charming friendship with a chemistry that promises more.

Ms. Stacey has an ability to create a witty and vibrant tone, all the while spinning a whimsical tale of mystery and deception. I found myself turning page after page to learn what the writings meant, where her father disappeared to, and who was a faerie after all.

It was especially interesting to read about devious and dangerous faeries, when all too many times they are stereotypically cast as benevolent. In this book the faeries are the bad guys and Beth must put a stop to their charade!