Saturday, February 19, 2011

Black Widow by Sheila Deeth

A precursor to the Merlin Myth

Nimi sees a man painted in blue that no one else can see. He visits her at night and when the others in the tribe are busy, giving her the gift of passionate love. But he’s also a secret advisor to the tribe’s affairs, whispering in their ears when they need his judgment. He pulls away from Nimi, taking his love with him until he fails when she needs him most. This turns her into a black widow, a sorceress of a woman who comes back to haunt her seventh child, and in turn, to haunt him.

Black Widow is a tale filled with blood, passion, and grit. Told in elegantly written prose, the story reads like verses of a poem, telling a tragic tale of warring tribes, clashes of gods, and unfulfilled love. This is not for the faint of heart. Deeth holds nothing back in her realistic world of brutality and vengeance. This tale is an ingenious interweaving of so many fantasies and myths.

Available at Gypsy Shadow Publishing