Monday, June 14, 2010

Grounded by Sandra Cox

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Class Act Books
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A Wonderfully Original Paranormal Romance

Gillian Stone is beautiful, rich, and trapped. One of her ancestors wished on a genie without thinking of consequences and she carries a heavy duty curse grounding her in a statue everyday. On top of that, if she gets pregnant with a girl, she will die in childbirth and her daughter will carry the curse on. That’s quite a dark harbinger in which to live a life.

Darth is a newly appointed servant at Gillian’s mansion. Although he’s got a chip on his shoulder and is rough around the edges, he’s handsome, charming, and tied to Gillian by fate. She rescued his sister from a bunch of thugs and he feels forever in her debt. He’s consumed with a desire to hunt these thugs down and make them pay, and to protect Gillian from their clutches. If Gillian is ever to be with Darth, she must confront the Detective bent on revenge and break the curse.

Grounded is a wonderfully original paranormal romance with two characters that have a whole bunch of chemistry and wit. Gillian is a kick butt heroine who rides a black Harley and has a soft spot for a unique talking cat, and Darth is a big sweety at heart who wants to set things right. On top of it all is one hilarious cat who steals the show with his internal dialog. I loved him the most of all!

Grounded is not only about Gillian being grounded in a statue, but about her finding a way to be grounded in life: a true modern day fairytale.