Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love on the Side of the NJ Turnpike by Lux Zakari

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Genre: Romance/Erotica
Publisher: Paper Bag Press
ISBN: none
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Regina hopes that a road trip will cure her boyfriend Heath’s depression. Since the economy took a turn for the worst and he lost his job, he’s never been the same and they’ve grown further apart. Although she lures him in with talk of the beach and gambling, she’s got a private agenda planned. In my opinion, Heath is one lucky young man.

Love on the Side of the NJ Turnpike paints a realistic picture of how the economy can affect relationships. Heath chooses to let his problems get in the way of his love for Regina, but in the end he realizes that love is exactly what he needs to heal.

Lux Zakari’s writing is sexually and emotionally charged. The dialogue flows naturally and the situation is believable and unique to the genre. This is one fast read that delivers what it promises!