Monday, June 22, 2009

Stumbling and Mumbling by Tamara Amanda Bryant

Book Info:
Genre: Poetry/Autobiography
Publisher: Create Space
ISBN: 1442190442
To Purchase: Amazon Link

Bryant’s poems are bold, provocative, and highly emotional. Her words do not stumble or mumble at all, but paint powerful scenes that are sometimes beautiful and longing and other times gritty and raw with a razor sharp edge. The sheer force of emotion drives her writing, and as a reader, you can tell that her words are products of life experience.

Cryptic enough to be universal, there are an infinite amount of interpretations that the reader can make, drawing parallels to their own experiences. You feel her pain, her pleasure, her fear along with your own. As she says in the back of her book, you are not alone. Bryant succeeds in that endeavor, creating a collection of jewels that cut as well as sparkle.

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