Sunday, December 13, 2009

Full Moon in December by Lisa Ruszcyk

Book Info:
Genre: Mainstream/Fantasy
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing
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Sam, a newly appointed college professor, has many secrets about his past life. He’s managed to elude his past until a student shows up to his class, bringing memories and questions about why Sam’s shunned his mysterious moonlit powers. Meanwhile, Kayla, a young girl abducted by a witch at two years old, is discovering that the world is much bigger than her greenhouse and her “second mom” may not always be right. In another part of the world, a Hollywood screenwriter, Dall, finds a strange psychic woman on the beach and is drawn to her, taking her home. All of these lives are connected by one person, and their journeys weave an intricate tapestry both mystical and mysterious.

This book was amazing. Lisa Ruszcyk has an intriguing way of spinning out a story and a unique and tantalizing voice. The story is an enigma that tickled my thoughts until it was solved, making me read as fast as I could! Ruszcyk hints at conclusions but never gives enough information for a complete picture until the end, when all the pieces fall together in a perfectly completed puzzle.

There was enough magic and supernatural in the book to keep me interested, but not so much as to take over the plot or the characters. The idea of a “changed” person is fascinating. I enjoyed reading about the process and the various consequences. Ruszcyk’s ideas will keep my mind occupied for days to come as I turn around the endless possibilities and correlations.

Her characters are believable and lifelike, with motivations that are understandable and not entirely good or bad. It is this grey area that makes her characters so interesting. I cared about each one of them, and was excited when they were brought together. Their relationships are complicated and ever changing and what they learn about themselves and others is profound.

Full Moon in December is a captivating read!

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