Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gypsy Moon by Brianna Roarke

Book Info:
Genre: Paranormal/Romance/Erotic
Publisher: REd Rose Publishing
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Anna Brannon is a vet with a penchant for bringing in strays. More than that, she’s secretly a gypsy that can turn a coffee switch off from across the room and light her way in the darkness. One night while she’s stranded at home by a storm she finds a naked man lying at her doorstep. He’s one stray that she’ll never forget.

Howl Raven is a werewolf on the prowl for a mate. While taking up a scent, he’s struck by a silver bullet and has to find shelter before the metal heats up his blood. Reeling from pain, he falls at a gypsy woman’s doorstep. Although his family was cursed long ago, luck is now on his side. This woman has the power to heal his wounds and more importantly, is the scent he’s after. Will he be able to control the wolf inside of him? And can she help him elude the man who wants him dead?

Brianna Roarke’s writing is smooth and flows like liquid poetry. The intimacy between Anna and Howl is tangible, and their passion can heat up a house on a cold winter’s day.
I enjoyed the irony of a vet finding a werewolf. Two people could not be more perfect for each other! The gypsy magic added a whole new level of paranormal to the story. Overall, it was a nice combination of werewolves, magic, curses, and romance.

If you’re looking for a great paranormal erotic romance, then Gypsy Moon fits the bill.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful review, Aubrie! I'm pleased you enjoyed Howl and Ana's story.

    Brianna Roarke