Monday, January 25, 2010

Land of Entrapment by Andi Marquette

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Genre: Detective/Adventure/Lesbian Fiction
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This unique detective book is intensely emotional and hilariously witty while dealing with a serious subject that is severely overlooked in modern society. Neo-nazi’s are extremists bent on hating anyone that isn’t white, straight, or shares their same belief systems. Their actions are hurtful and violent, and they prey on innocent minds, recruiting the next wave of terror. Not only does Ms. Marquette deal with this subject in an eloquent and informational way, she shows the reader how someone as normal as we are can get sucked into their schemes. Ms Marquette presents a complex portrayal of seducement and brainwashing that is well researched and well conveyed, making for suspenseful reading.

K.C’s ex, Melissa, has lost her younger sister to a group of Neo Nazis. After a messy breakup and three years of silence, Melissa finds K.C. and pleads with her to help find her missing sister. Because of her research on extremist groups, K.C. agrees to travel to New Mexico and help her ex. What she doesn’t know is that this adventure will turn dangerous and bring her to dark places both physical and psychological, dealing with crazy people that will stop at nothing to have their warped views be heard.

Ms. Marquette’s characters are so real and three dimensional that sometimes I had to remind myself that it was fiction and I wasn’t reading an episode of Dateline NBC! K.C. felt like my own friend, trying to explain to me how she got stuck in a crazy situation. I loved reading about all of the detective work and the profound relationships that develop during the course of the novel. The descriptions convince me to visit New Mexico sometime for a vacation. I can almost taste the chili peppers on my tongue!

Ms. Marquette is a brilliant story teller with a strong voice and a message that everyone should hear. I look forward to reading more of her work.

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