Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shades of Green by Rhonda Parrish

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Genre: Fantasy/sci fi
Publisher: Sam's Dot Publishing
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Rescued by Reptars at a young age, Z’thandra is the last swamp elf of her kind. A cataclysmic event called the Curse rattled her land. The elves died of fever, and the Reptars’ technology and advanced society crumbled. Now all they have is a mystical stone, rumored to be a dragon’s egg that hovers in their council hall, their last ray of hope.

Z’thandra lives a life plagued by prejudice from her foster sister and the untrusting villagers in the Reptar council. Driven by ignorance, the Reptars are fierce and quick to condemn. After a chance meeting with a handsome human in the swamps surrounding her village, Z’thandra is faced with the decision of her life. Will she leave the only home she’s known and doom the Reptars to extinction, or will she suffer for their own sins and lead them to a better life?

Set in the fantasy world of Aphanasia, Shades of Green is a unique and unsettling tale of life after an apocalypse. The descriptions are exotic and fun to read, and I felt for Z’thandra’s plight throughout. Amongst all of the prejudice and hatred she is able to forgive, and that is truly heroic. The ending is unexpected and left me with much to think about. This is no fluffy fantasy tale, but a powerful and emotional journey with a profound message at the end.

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