Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sidhe and the Dragon-Lost Jewel by SilverValkyre

Book Info:
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing
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Mahshon, the immortal prince of the elves, must protect the land from all things, including dragons. His duty brings him to faraway glens and lodges, ancient passes, and magical forests. Along the way he meets beautiful young women but only one lovely lady has captured his true heart. And that special woman is no where to be found. As he answers a tricky dragon riddle, he finally understands what she meant to him. But does his realization come too late?

SilverValkyre weaves an enchanting tale that flows like lyrics to a love ballade. Her prose is graceful and ornately decorated with rich description. Each word is a jewel to marvel at and savor. The story whisked me away to another land. I could almost feel the wind on my face and catch a glimpse of the ravishing elfish prince as he turned my way.

The Sidhe and the Dragon is an indulgence in magic and passion, a real treat to read.

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