Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birds of a Feather by Leslie Soule

Alexis decides to write a steampunk story about her grandmother. In her alternate history, her grandmother belongs to The Birds of a Feather, an organization of freedom fighters from the French Revolution. Her grandmother, Diane Falcon, is planning to lead an expedition into the enemy city-state of Lyon, otherwise renamed Coeur De Lion. She must infiltrate their headquarters to find the Universal Solvent and stop their flying war ships. Or does she have a plan of her own?

Birds of a feather is an awesome steampunk short story. I loved the idea about a girl writing about her grandmother, and the teen voice shines through. With spies, potions, a duel, love lost, mechanical birds and guardians, this story is a feast for the imagination.

The twists and turns in Birds of a Feather will keep you guessing until the end. What does Diane Falcon really want? In a way she must choose between love and freedom for her people, and she chooses right.

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