Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Psyche's Prophecy by Ann Gimpel

Lara McInnis is a psychologist with a psychic gift. Although she’s kept her gift hidden, she uses it to help understand her patients. She excels at her job until one pair of patients block her insight. This couple has big problems, and she can’t see the danger lurking behind the husband’s belligerent demeanor. Her involvement with them sets her on a roller coaster ride of horrors, and she must fight her way out of it to survive.

Meanwhile, the price of oil is going up. The city has major power outages, and riots have broken out in other parts of the country. Lara, her boyfriend, and her psychology student have all had the same dream signifying something precarious about the earth. Lara must consult a psychic to determine the meaning behind the dream.

With multiple threats brewing, Psyche’s Prophecy builds up with intense suspense, keeping me from putting it down. The paranormal aspect of it is very interesting, and the characters are so well developed they seemed like real people. I especially enjoyed the deepening relationship between Lara and her boyfriend, Trev. They learn to trust in each other, and their love pulls them through the hardships they face. Ann Gimpel uses her own expertise as a psychologist to make this story believable. Her prose flows in beautiful sentences, making it fun and easy to read.

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