Monday, March 23, 2009

The Deep Dim by Christine Rains

Book Info:
Genre: Supernatural, romance, mystery, paranormal
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
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The Deep Dim is a wistful and mysterious love story that whisks you away and captures your heart. Rains is a masterful writer, spinning poetic phrases that flow off the tongue, and weaving mysteries wrapped around mysteries where each page leads to more intriguing questions. Not only is this a heart tugging love story, it is a story of self discovery, a murder mystery, and a supernatural dream.

Kanys lives in fear of the light because of the spirits that it brings. She lives sequestered in a dark house, hiding from the world and sleeping during the daylight hours until a dashingly handsome ghost charms his way into her life and steals her heart. She leaves her refuge of darkness to help solve the mystery of his existence, because he is unlike the others and more real to her than anyone she’s ever met since the death of her mother. This journey leads her to places where she would never otherwise go and people that she’s destined to meet. Along the way she learns more about herself and finds the answers to dark secrets shading her past.

Rains creates vibrant and witty characters that are so real you expect them to come knocking at your door. They interact with such interesting banter that, at times, borders on vicious, shocking, and belly rumbling. Kanys is a sweet and fragile waif of a young woman juxtaposed with a swooningly poetic specter and a blunt and tumultuous punk. Together they show what true friendship is and how to love.

This is the one of the best books of 2009. I am thoroughly impressed with Rains’s masterful writing. This book called to me and wouldn’t let me put it down. I will be ordering an autographed copy for my bookshelf when it comes out in print.


  1. First of all I really like the cover of this book. Also I'd like to say I read the summary on your two books and they sound pretty good. I just have a question. Can I buy them at borders or do I have to order them off


  2. Laurel,

    My books, along with The Deep Dim are available only on

    I've sent you an email and a prize for commenting on this blog.