Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tiger's Realm by Kevin Grubbe

Book Info:
Genre: Fantasy, Sci Fi, Romance, Action
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
ISBN: 978-0-9821431-2-4
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Full of action, adventure, and epic battles, Tiger’s Realm combines science fiction and fantasy to create a world where technology and magic coexist side by side. It deals with the issues of slavery, vengeance, and honor, bringing up the timeless question of what it truly means to be human.

Long ago, wizards created man-animals, beings that were part man and part animal that could think rationally and feel emotions like humans. When the story begins, these man-animals are fighting for their freedom from slavery. A small rebel group has managed to escape and uses the ancient wizard city for their home base. Within this city lies powerful magic, portals to unknown worlds, and answers to the beginnings of civilization itself.

Perhaps the most interesting quality of this epic fantasy book is the way Grubbe shifts perspective, telling the tale from both the human and man-animal viewpoint. As a reader I found myself gravitating to the side of the man-animals, and sympathizing more with their plight. When one man-animal wants to kill another of its kind, ironically they call him more human than beast.

Tiger’s Realm stirs up great questions about war and peace. It is an epic tale that science fiction and fantasy readers alike will enjoy.

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