Monday, May 18, 2009

Banished by Ciaran Corby and Christine Rains

Book Info:
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
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Banished is a delightful tale of a reclusive fantasy author named Sarah who discovers her wildest dreams when she spots a handsome fairy sitting on her doorstep. Giving new meaning to the phrase, “love at first sight,” Sarah is the only human who can see him. Curious about his eccentricities and swooning over his delicious appeal, she decides to invite him inside for a cup of tea. When Sarah learns of his unjust banishment from the fairy realm, she takes it upon herself to rescue him and set things right.

Both characters are refreshing in their simple innocence, polite antics, and funny tendencies toward melodramatic. It is through their love for each other that they learn to be serious and strong, rising to the occasion to battle the odds in order to be together. Amidst all of the magic and shine, they realize that love is the most magical attribute of all.

Rains and Corby have a charming writing style that presents a delicious and enchanting read. Although two artful writers are at work, the style of writing, unity of concept, and direction of plot flow like one master mind. A nice twist at the end brings everything full circle.

I enjoyed the contrast between the harsh realities of New York juxtaposed with the vivid beauty of the fairy land. Although it seems all whimsical and carefree, in a lot of ways it is even more dangerous than the streets of Albany.

I recommend this book to anyone that wishes for an enchanting jaunt into an imaginative fairy world.

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