Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dark Mage by Ciaran Corby

Book Info:
Genre: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
ISBN: 978-0-9823251-3-1
To Purchase: Mystic Moon Press Bookstore

The most interesting aspect of The Dark Mage is the fact that the story revolves around the bad guy, the dark mage Kerberous. The tale begins as he is about to take over a magical city, using a boat made from the wood of sacrificial alters. He is arrogant and impatient, desiring none other than fame and power. Drawing on the years of spilled blood that make up the planks, he plans to kill the current ruler of Syren and claim the city for himself.

The night before his battle, Kerberous runs into two powerful women; Denella, a vampire that makes him uncomfortable and Seana, a fairy that ignites a desire he’s never known. Seana shows him through love that he was a fairy himself. He’s lived the life of a mortal man because he forgot his way home when replaced with a human child. The dark magic that he’s craved has been an unfit substitute for the emptiness in his heart caused by being away from his homeland and his fairy magic.

Corby shows us that bad people are not always evil for simple sport or fun. They have souls and hearts like the rest of us and are only driven to evil because they lack something vital in their own lives. Most importantly, she shows us that everyone deserves a second chance.

The Dark Mage is a tale of romance, adventure, and redemption complete with fairies, vampires, elves, mages, and even water dragons! Corby is a master at balancing the romantic scenes with those of action. She also presents in depth characters that follow an inner journey as they find their true selves.

I sympathized with Kerberous as he confronts his former life and learns to loosen up and make friends. Seana is a luscious and beautiful guardian angel that guides him through patience, tolerance, and love. Together, their love is stronger than his lust for blood magic and power. Kerberous learns that there is more to life, and a life shared with the one he loves is much richer than a life of powerful magic alone.

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