Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Faery Sickness by JennaKay Francis

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Book Info:
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Writer's Exchange
ISBN: 1920972749
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"...I grew to love Vala’s character throughout the course of this novel as she develops the self confidence needed to put an end to the hatred between the humans and the fae. She is so delicate and fragile, yet holds an inner conviction of purpose and unfaltering sense of what is right. I found myself cheering her triumphs and commiserating in her setbacks. While Aric was a typical young and arrogant boy, and Severrani a quiet mystery, it is Vala that shines through as the real larger than life heroine.

THE FAERY SICKNESS is a magical adventure about a young woman’s search for acceptance and love. Not only is it a heart touching story, but it deals with the subject of prejudice, teaching everyone that the hatred must stop somewhere. Filled with heart wrenching scenes of violence, it is the light moments that give the book its deep insight into the human spirit and capture the reader’s heart..."

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review. I'm so glad you liked this book. :)