Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chompy by Ralph Piccolo

Book Info:
Genre: Children's, Fantasy
Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing
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Anna is a vibrant little girl that likes to explore enchanted forests with her best friend, Mike. They have wonderful adventures with hide and seek underneath tall mushrooms and through thick trees. Mike is her “Dark Knight” of the Pentacle forest and she enjoys pretending to be a princess that he saves. Suddenly, Anna gets sick. Her only hope is a mythical creature hidden deep within the forest. Mike must journey by himself to prove that he truly is her knight and save her.

Chompy is a charming story told in the style and rhythm of an age old fairytale. Although it has magic and a furry little animal that squeaks, it is also very serious with a real life message for children and adults alike. I enjoyed reading about all of the details of the forest and my heart clenched for Anna as she was forced to eat only soup and take x rays at the doctor’s office. The ending left my heart shining.

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