Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Timestone Key by Pamela Hearon

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Genre: Romance, fantasy
Publisher: Lyrical Press

As a young child, Halley made a deal with Merlin by accepting a white feather from an owl visiting her room one night. Although she has no memory of the exchange, all her life she’s been drawn to King Arthur and unable to settle down and get married. Finally she decides to live out her dream and visit England for a trip back into the past. Torn between a mysterious vision of Arthur, a Manor Lord, and a doting finance, I read ahead eagerly to see which one she would end up with!

Ms. Hearon weaves history and an age old legend with a modern day fairytale. I’ve always dreamt of going back to the days of King Arthur and meeting all of the characters in the legends. By reading the Timestone key, I got to live out my fantasies through Halley and I learned more about King Arthur at the same time.

Sensual and spiritual, The Timestone Key is a wonderful journey of self realization that ends in pure bliss.

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  1. I always loved Arthurian stories. Sounds interesting.