Monday, March 8, 2010

Ink in the Blood by Chandra Ryan

Book Info:
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal
Publisher: Lyrical Press
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Isabella has special abilities to change her appearance, but she’s going to need more than her magic to confront her past demons. After a stint in rehab, she’s back on the streets working for the DEA to find local drug sellers. She’s willing to face her past in order to seek revenge on her half brother who’s caused havoc in her life. What she doesn’t expect is falling in love with the human assigned to her brother’s case. Now she has to keep him alive while resisting temptation.

Ink in the Blood is a dark and edgy urban fantasy where potions and magic are considered deadlier weapons than hand guns. There’s a constant, lurking danger that stalks Isabella throughout the read, creating a suspenseful atmosphere that kept me scrolling down to read more. Her chemistry with the human, Jacob, is sizzling and well paced. Their love crosses the boundaries between Asura and human, and cop and former addict. They have a lot to overcome and the tension is palpable. I found myself wondering how Jacob will react to the truth of what she is and how the two of them can outsmart a man that can turn a normal woman insane.

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  1. I have got to finish reading the two books I already have going, so I can get this book. Wow! Everything from the cover to the story looks great.